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Chicago Didjeridu Chorus “live” at Rockefeller Chapel

This is the Chicago Didjeridu Chorus' LIVE recording from the International Didjeridu Meditation event that took place on the Equinox on 9-23-2006 at the University of Chicago's Rockefeller Chapel. It was a global event that took place at sunset across the planet as a collective effort to raise personal and environmental awareness. The Chorus represented the Midwest for the event. The Chorus at the time of this recording included 9 musicians. Instrumentation includes Didjeridus, Tibetan singing bowls, a variety of small flutes, and a potpourri of percussion; African hand drums, gongs, tongue drums and handmade toys. For those of you who know the Chorus, and the acoustic nature of Rockefeller Chapel, you know that this is a wonderful match of hall acoustics and meditative sounds. This particular recording (CD-R) captures the first set in its entirety (approx 54mins). The set begins with the Chorus' trademark soft sounds, and develops into many different rhythmic journeys, eventually making a soft landing to close the set. This recording was not altered from its original state; no tonal modifications, reverb, or other effects were added. The recording is truly a verite recording that reflects the sound as it was heard at the event. It has been praised as the best recording to date by the Chicago Didjeridu Chorus. Please note that the cover images may vary from the image on this listing, but the recordings are the same.


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