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CDC at Harris Theater with giant puppet

This was the first in a series of story-driven performances using puppets of various sizes.

Chicago Didjeridu Chorus at Rockefeller Chapel 2014

Here is a rare video of a 2014 CDC performance at Rockefeller Chapel (the video is labeled with the wrong date) during the International Didjeridu Meditation. CDC had been playing at the Chapel on the Equinox and Solstice dates each year in coordination with the Didjeridu players in Australia. The event began in Australia at sunset and followed the sunsets around the world at which time Didjeridus played in their respective countries at sunset until the vibration made it all the way around the globe. CDC has been doing this at various locations for 12 years or so.

Chicago Didjeridu Chorus “live” at Unity Chicago 2016


International Didjeridu Meditation


Sitar and Tabla inprovisations


International Didjeridu Meditation Fri, June 21st at 8pm


International Didjeridu Meditation March 20, 6-8pm

CDC “live” on WZRD in April!

CDC will be performing live on WZRD radio, 88.3fm
on April 2nd at 9pm.


CDC IDM at Unity Dec 21st 4pm


Candlelight Yoga with live music accompaniment

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