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The International Didjeridu Meditation is a global prayer for peace and harmony. It begins at sunset in Australia with Didjeridu playing and continues around the world at sunset in each location. This event is unique as a two part session. The actual Solstice sunset is at 8:29pm on 6-21-22, The Chicago Didjeridu Chorus will play between 7-9pm to welcome in the Solstice energy.

*This is an all ages event


Parking is available on St Louis ave, one way going south. There will be some chairs but it’s best to bring your own chair. The location is behind the Physical Education Complex on the south end of the campus. Campus parking requires a one day permit and visitors have to go ON LINE to register and sign in. Parking on campus without a permit results in an expensive ticket.


For those of you who have not attended one of these ceremonies before, the protocol is generally as follows:

When entering the circle, after the fire is lit, it is customary to reach into the tobacco bowl and pick up a small amount of tobacco at the foot of the fire. Then walk around the fire (clockwise) honoring the 4 directions by sprinkling some of the tobacco into the fire at each direction while silently contemplating your intention/prayer. After this you can take a seat for the ceremony, or sit on the ground.  

The leader of the ceremony, often an elder from one of the Northern Indigenous Nations, begins by speaking. They may have a “talking stick” which is a stick or bone with a feather/feathers on the end. If people wish to speak during the ceremony they are expected to wait for the previous speaker to hand them the stick. If elders are present, it is customary to wait until after the elders have spoken first. The Chicago Didjeridu Chorus will begin playing at approximately 7:30pm and will continue until 9pm. If you would like to sit close to the Peace Fire, get there early.


Weather can be unusual in Chicago. Bring extra clothing to stay warm if necessary. If it rains (or snows) we will move the gathering into the Physical Education Complex.

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